Internet Tv Will Become The Standard Color Tv Industry Is Expected To High Growth

China based online shop Electronic Video Industry Relationship on April released computer data show that the 1st quarter of this year, domestic retail sales come into . million color Television and radio sets, up ; shop sales reached billion yuan, an increase of -. Run the Ministry of Industry Deputy Secretary because of Coordination of detection behind highSumei, told reporters on top of the China Securities Journal, one-fourth of China’s electronic information and facts industry in continued respectable momentum, especially with a state to encourage the growth of triple play and IPTV industry policy The clear, color TV industry, the very rapid growth in television television is expected if you want to continue, driven by speedi growth in .

Sell very well the actual first quarter Data reveal that the first quarter with the year, the domestic Display industry still continued superb momentum in . Any kind of a quarter, output of and. million color TV sets, up to. ; complete color TV exports in . million units, down . , to have exports of . billion dollars U.S. dollars, up to. . China Video Industry Association, a person’s Assistant SecretaryGeneral of brand new Sun result that all central government ” House appliances to the countryside “And other policy driven through process of domestic demand TV from mid began to stabilize, and as the data recovery in overseas markets, ship of color TV world has ushered in super fast growth situations, this a proficient situation for the Tv industry, laid the reason for whole year.

In specific categories, its CRT Continue to decline, flat TV plasma Tv for computer market share continues on to decline, in competition using LCD TV complete regarding competitive advantage. The first quarter of the typically market volume reached is. million units, including flatpanel TV Offload Volume of . , 000, 000 units, accounting for increased as . . As flatpanel TV sales, the most important LCD TV retail availablility of . million units, time sales of plasma Television to further shrink, primarily million units, accounting for just .

market share. While in addition, CRT longer decline in location share, sales created by million units, lower down , accounting available for . market talk about. Skyworth Group Vice President Yang Dongwen expects economical year Skyworth T . v . business will still maintain an evolution momentum. ” IPTV Skandinavien will be the alternative to Cathode ray tube LCD products reintroduced the average the cost increase, also has significantly improved regional macroeconomic situation.” Yang Dongwen introduced Skyworth CRT TV cash flow are declining subsequently badly, the widespread unit price as compared to yuan, but Contributed TV sales could be rapidly growing, a typical price of : yuan, and, once LED color TV, D TV together with other product sales paid for upgrade, bringing yourrrre able to send sales volume not to mention rapid growth all over profitability.