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The numbers of entry methods used times Dynamics POS to progress credit card authorizations as well as the captures manual entry but also card swipe.

In this article I am going to talk about how to construct Retail headquarters in AX to facilitate both advisors methods. Prerequisite you will surely have to set up MS Fee service account and help it become configured on payment one side before you will certainly complete successful card authorizations. POS hardware profile also need to be configured with EFT merchant account credentials used to hook up with MS Payment service. Recommendations the list of systems required in Retail component of AX to give cc processing Retail->Setup->Payment method->Payment method. You should develop one payment method by working with Default function ‘Card’ Retail->Setup->Payment method->Card types.

You will need to require one card type per type of credit note that the store encourage as a valid expenses. For example, set card ID as MC, Card type mane as being Master Card, Card nature as International credit memory card and Card issuer since MC. Retail->Setup->Payment method->Card handful. You will need to create Card code for each Card special type you set up. To carry on with 정보이용료 현금화 , you will select years ago created Card type Master of ceremonies as Card ID and as a result enter Card number after as , Card plethora to as and Time card number as can.

Important note there can be a typo in Dynamics AX help file that indecently states that card figure length in this legal matter should be . That isn’t correct and it may cause an issue when digesting cc payment with playing card swipe. Retail->Common->Retail channels->Retail snowchains. Go to Set up tab and mouse click on Payment methods. Here you should create a record to have ‘Card’ payment method an individual created in step that. Make sure you select as POS Surgical treatment ID this will approve manual card entry about POS terminal when ‘Pay card’ button is broke.