What Everyone should Know About Eye Health

Good eye health habits can look after your eyesight for yrs to come. Healthy eye care includes the following Getting adequate Vitamin A through diet or supplements Scheduling regular eye exams, particularly after the era of Minimizing eyestrain by reading in good light and limiting computer time Protecting your eyes from the sunlight and other harmful substances or potentially hazardous activities While all of us need to pay close attention to eye health, informing our eye care practitioners about any warning signs of compromised vision or poor eye health, contact lens wearers need to be especially vigilant to ensure that their eyecare protocol consists of healthy practices.

Contact lenses provide a few distinct advantages over eyeglasses particularly for people who live active lifestyles. Contacts stay in place better during strenuous physical activity than eyeglasses do, leading them to be safer and more affordable. They also make it easier and less costly to protect your eyes by the sun’s UV rays, because you can wear regular UVrated sunglasses at the same time. Wearing eyeglasses rather than contacts would require you to purchase prescription sunglasses to get the same protection. In addition to the above, many contacts varieties and brands offer features that help correct your vision while making it easier for you to maintain good eye health.

healthy environments , by CooperVision, offer an expedient alternative to reading 8oz glasses. Providing visual clarity from near or far, these unique contacts contain a natural, moistureabsorbing substance employed in human membranes. This prevents dryness, making the lenses feel as comfortable in the end of the day as they did it is far more first put them in. Other Proclear lenses that provide increased comfort and allday hydration for those who are from dry eyes end up being Proclear Compatibles and the Proclear Compatibles Toric lenses, the latter of which correct blurred vision which result from astigmatism. Proclear contact lenses are the only lenses on the market licensed by the FDA for increasing luxury of those suffering from eye dryness.